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Introducing Project U-n-I Tab

Hello again,

Thought I would take this chance to introduce my new tab. The project U-n-I tab!

I am planning on filling this tab with just more of my work. This is not a replacement for the profile tab. The profile tab is primarily to showcase the work I am currently interested in. My thoughts for the projects tab is a place where all the blog images and the photo editing can be stored. Also I will have it serve as a location for people to pick up images that I take of them from events, like anime expo..etc.. I'll probably start all of this by making a sub tab under the projects tab called galleries. I know its still just an idea but I don't want to hold back my creative drive, so I'm just going to push forward with this Tab ASAP! Do look forward to it.

Thats all for now. Thanks for visiting,


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