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Living Forever Wild

Hello everyone,

Sean D mon Here again with another live life shoot. Yesterday I had a great time meeting the Forever Wild family. They are a group of hardy people who are loving and caring of wild animals. Just a little insight, Forever Wild is an exotic animal sanctuary out in Phelan, California. I arrived at this sanctuary late in the afternoon with my girl friend Emily <3.. We rushed from my professional portrait class at Fullerton college and arrived about 6 o'clock pm. Shortly after our arrival the head man was began his walk through for a how to on tour guides for their keepers'' (keeper being someone who handles animals, a more commonly known keeper would be a zookeeper). This was my first time here at the sanctuary so it was an exciting opportunity to see the place. The walk through was long and thorough as it lasted till cold and dark. When all was said and done the group rushed inside to have a nice warm dinner meeting. The meeting covered the big annual halloween event that Forever Wild hosts, halloween event information bellow. It's an important event for them as it provides some supportive funds for the following winter to come. Which leads to my main reason for being there. After the meeting I got to meet with the head of the event, I was given a tip from my girlfriend that they needed photographers to help out with their event, so now I'll be as a support photographer. I hope that the efforts I put into Forever Wild someday will lead some something else and so on.

Here are some of the keepers and the leaders of forever wild after a dinner meeting. Keep growing strong and be FOREVER WILD!!
Forever Wild Family

-This was only some of the Forever Wild staff. Someday maybe during an event or something I'll try to get a full group shot done for them.

Owners Heads and Event Runners

Thanks for Having me Forever Wild

-Sean D mon-

Also for anyone interested, here is the information for the Halloween event.

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