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Night and Lights

Let us begin with some back story. This last spring semester I took a class called Studio Specialties. With this class I learned how to set up and work in a photographic studio that emulates the environment of a professional product shoot. My professor Melody taught me a lot about how to use so much professional equipment like speedotrons, c stands, capture one, etc... But nothing about the common items that I can procure at home. Seeing that I'll be practicing more and more over the summer without all the fancy equipment, I thought maybe I would put together a studio of my own devices.

So before I started the class my equipment list consisted of:

1x 10ft black and white backdrops

1x 5ft white backdrop

1x backdrop support bar

2x Trimax 10ft tripods for the backdrop

3x generic camera tripods

6x light tripods

2x soft boxes

A hand full of hot lights.

various extension cables, cutting tools, and tech.

my cameras: well technically they are borrowed.

Nikon D70s

1x Kit Lens 18-200mm

Nikon D700

1x 35mm 1.4 Lens

1x 24-70mm 2.8 Lens

Canon 30D

Various Lens'

Canon AE-1

50mm lens

Sometime towards the end of the the semester I began a new project. I began building a small product studio of my own. Just to experiment and have fun. Unfortunately all I have to work with are hot lights, my current equipment and small amounts of infrastructure that I can purchase from local hardware stores. Now I have my home base for my experiments for the summer. I'll be running this project until the beginning of fall semester or maybe for longer if it is more then successful.

So here we are. The result of my efforts.

You know it is kinda funny, Melody said I liked inventing things. Here we are.

This is it for now, do look forward to the projects that come out of this.

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2 комментария

sean D mon
sean D mon
24 мая 2018 г.

Sup Elijah,

I'll definitely try to document the invention the next time I tear it down and set it up again. It's a bit of a hassle when one is doing it all by oneself. I mean seriously I'd love to explain how and why all that stuff comes together.


Elijah Turner
Elijah Turner
23 мая 2018 г.

It looks like a pretty cool set-up. Though I would like to see the process for building those inventions your professor inferred and the "why" behind them. Essentially behind the scenes kind of stuff!

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