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Updated: May 23, 2018

!!! Nice To Meet You !!!


My name is Sean. I have been known as many things in life. Such as a freestyle dancer, an adrenaline junky, a gifted gamer, a senpai, a kohai. Here I am a photography explorer. In my adventures of the world of photography I have spent a many early morning and sleepless night searching for and learning different aspects of photography that will benefit me on my journey. Somewhere along the path I found myself in the need to build a web presence for the work I am doing. So here it is, the U-N-I-Photography site. Like most of my creations, I did not want to use my initials as the basis of my naming schemes. After a bit of thought I decided name it in the sense of interactions. You and I Photography or for a bit of complexity and simplicity mixed and for hyper linking purposes, ... I felt a little bit of excitement when I thought of the name. I like to think of it as if it just works out that way.

I think that about sums it up for an introduction of me. Now let me tell you about the website. The initial intent for this site is to promote my profile for a studio specialties class. Since then, I have decided that I'll repurpose it to cover everything I do with photography, something like a new home base for me and my current and future clients, and with the projects that I work explore within photography. So, the focus of the website will all still be primarily about photography. Well at least I hope I can stick to it.

Thanks for visiting and I hope you will enjoy what work I have to show.


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