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Night and Lights #1

Welcome back!!!

Now that the first step of getting a work space set up was completed. I got right to business putting together my first mini experimental shoot. The criteria for the first shot and for many of the following shots I want to take is 'Full Prop'. That being a prop and everything in the shot being completely controlled by the photographer, me.. This is very similar to a directorial shot in portrait. Another optional criteria for the shots would be that they would have some sort of reflection going on somewhere in the shot; it's optional. Lol I am clearly not following the advice of my mentor... K.i.s.s or Keep It Simple Stupid...

So for the first shoot I chose one of my anime figures, erm vocaloid figures. I personally have a history of collecting things. I use to be really big in the toy seen like nearly a decade ago. But its been a good few years since the last time I have bought one. So I think its safe to say that I've grown out of collecting new figures. But if one things that all that junk is just collecting dust. They are wrong. Unlike most anime or toy collectors, I decided to repurpose my collection to help my in my studies in multi media.

Now they are once again of a positive value to me. If they were not I would probably have sold them by now.

Without further ado, here is the set up I made for my first shoot.

For hot lights and a simple set up It feels like this shoot worked out quite well. The results in the shots are still to be determined. I'm still practicing in the form of getting it all in the shot. I predict there will be a decent amount of post in store for me. I'm still not sure what kinda result I'll be able to have with hot lights, but just to be sure I took about 14 shots with 14 different exposures all at f22 just to be safe. I predict that in the post there will be splicing blending of at least 2 or three of the photos. But for a simple test I produce a quick HDR so you can see the shot at the very least...

Alright, here we are!!!

Here is a quick HDR with some sensor dust removal and fishing line removal. I'm quite content with the results that we arrived at for this first shoot. Something still feels wrong though, when I look on the upload it doesn't seem that sharp. At least from my view in photoshop it looks great. I'll for sure look into how to get sharper images on this website provider but thats for a future project.

Well thats all for this Post,

Thanks for visiting and do look forward to my next post.


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